Stay in the Present Moment

As Bob Hope once said “If you think golf is relaxing, you’re not playing it right” .

In golf staying relaxed is a huge key towards success.  Many golfers get caught up in thinking too much about what has previously happened or they get too far ahead of themselves.  It is a problem that affects all golfers, and lots of players find it difficult to overcome.  The implication is that they go on to mess up! They lose concentration, get tense and hit a shot way off target or jerk on a putt.  Consequently a bogey, double bogey or worse is then written on the scorecard and a great deal of frustration and anger can set in.

These products help golfers exude calmness and give them the best change to play well under pressure so that they can reach their true potential.

Guided Imagery and Hypnosis for Golf Products

Imagery and Hypnosis are popularly used in Sports Psychology and can help golfers in a variety of ways:

  • Re-Creating Success
  • Boosting Self Confidence
  • Improving Focus
  • Developing Trust
  • Finding the Zone

Annika Sorenstam, a top female golfer for many years explained “When I’m on the golf course, I see a big green, a huge hole, just the positive things. I don’t see out of bounds on the left or a water hazard over there. I see the fairway. I hit it. I just grab the club and trust it”.

Many golfers struggle with this part of the game and are easily distracted by trouble surrounding fairways. When they’ve come off bad holes or shots this can be worsened.

For these reasons a range of personalised MP3’s can be designed to help you control your levels of activation and help you remain in the present moment on the golf course. The MP3’s take into account a variety of approaches from sport psychology and neurosciences to help you.

Common mp3’s include:

  • Swinging with freedom
  • Putting fearlessly
  • Getting off to a fast start
  • Rehearsing future performances
  • Removing self-imposed scoring barriers
  • Performing under pressure
  • Dealing with perfectionism
  • Experiencing the zone more often
  • Thinking clearly on the golf course
  • Beat the yips
  • Staying present in the moment

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