A FUN SEMINAR To Help Golfers of all Abilities to Get the Most from their Golf

Presented by David Charlton, Performance Coach and Golf Psychologist

Attention Golfers, is this familiar?

Golf is your passion, you invest heavily in golf. You think about it often, you read about it lots and you love playing golf. Financially you spend £100’s if not £1000’s on your golf.   It is hugely important to you.

You feel like you could do better. You are leaving vital shots out there on the course. You get frustrated out on the course. Even off the course you sometimes let golf get to you. You know that you can enjoy golf much more.

You know you get in your own way on the course but you don’t know how to make the necessary changes.

A Fresh Approach could be needed?

If you can see yourself in some of the statements above maybe a different approach is necessary. The “HOLE OUT IN LESS SHOTS” Seminar is a reminder about the aim of golf, the title gives the aim away! The seminar is fun, interactive and thought provoking. It takes you on a journey before, during and after a round of golf. Giving you the opportunity to take some ideas away that top professionals use to give yourself some forward momentum.

Who can Benefit?

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate golfer, an elite amateur, a club professional or a tour professional the likelihood is that you are not perfect. You can learn new ideas that might just give you an extra shot or two or more off your scorecard.

What is the “HOLE OUT IN LESS SHOTS” Seminar?

  • It is conducted indoors by David Charlton who presents practical tools from the world of sport psychology, performance coaching and physical fitness that can benefit all golfers.
  • The seminar lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • Workbooks with valuable information and space to write notes will be prepared and available to all attendees.

How can the “Hole Out In Less Shots “Seminar benefit my club?

  • Golf clubs can make valuable revenue from ticket and bar sales from this service.
  • Golf club members appreciate golf clubs that think outside of the box and offer creative ways to enhance their golf experience.
  • The members of the golf club will be educated about how to improve their golf in an entertaining way.

Maybe you would like to chat to understand more or drop me and email with any questions.

David Charlton Golf Psychologist

David Charlton

Golf Performance Coach and Sport Psychologist

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