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David offers a mobile consultancy service, where he travels (UK, Europe and Internationally) to meet individuals, teams and organisations at a venue of their choice to help them achieve their goals.

He is fully committed to providing a person centred holistic approach to meet your needs.

Golf Psychology Expertise

David utilizes strength and solution based approaches, cognitive restructuring, imagery and hypnosis to help clients develop mental toughness, which he has a special interest.

He works to help people manage their emotions finding complimentary ways to bring about optimal intensity and relaxation levels for individuals

David practises what he preaches and has personally completed meditation and mindfulness exercises for a number of years and has seen the benefits it has made to his own life in many ways, including enhanced focus and concentration.

He has worked closely with England Golf, providing training and mentoring for many young aspiring golfers.

David has worked with a number of elite golfers including Tour professionals, regional professionals, talented amateur golfers and beginners too who are looking to gain performance gains.

He enjoys working with a range of sportsmen and women from golfers to tennis players, footballers to boxers, swimmers to cricketers….

Golf Fitness

David has thoroughly researched evidence from sports science and from top performers on training methods that can make significant impacts on your performance.

He has playing golf since he was 10 years old reaching a lowest handicap of 3, winning a golf club championship in the process. In the past he has enjoyed competing at club level, regionally and in the Hadrian and North Durham leagues. He has also trained for 20 years plus in gyms and by running 10k races, half and full marathons. He openly admits that in the past he trained in a way which was detrimental to his own golf. High impact training, a small emphasis on stretching and no core development all had a negative impact on his golf posture. Although he was well motivated and practised for many hours, gaining advice from PGA Professionals he now understands that his fitness regimes were harming his golf swing and that he was unable to physically get his body into the correct positions to help hit the ball more consistently and for longer distances.

Due to this experience and the understanding he has gained on biomechanics he now sees that he made a lot of mistakes. He now sees lots of golfers using similar approaches to his old methods. David has a lot of knowledge that he would like to share to you to help you improve your golf.

A great deal of David’s work looks at building strong foundations in the core area as this affects your day to day and golf posture, how you swing the golf club and ultimately how you go on to perform.

He also includes a wide range of golf specific power and strength exercises to help you build muscular endurance assisting you to hit the ball further and with more consistency.

For 8 years, David has enjoyed regular practise of Yoga and includes some exercises in his golf specific flexibility regimes.

Background Information

David is a registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

As well as having accessed extensive evidence based training at university and through the British Psychological Society he has been trained by Dr Karl Morris and Mark Bennett MBE, leading figures in the world of performance coaching.

He is a member of The British Psychological Society (BPS), Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES).

Leisure Time

Due to work and family commitments David now enjoys playing recreational golf and currently plays at Tyneside Golf Club.

He loves watching almost all sports particularly; football, cricket, tennis, darts… the list goes on…

When he is relaxing he enjoys keeping active by maintaining his own physical fitness levels by training in the gym and running.

David is a keen supporter of the following fantastic charities that are close to his heart: Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, Tynedale Hospice at Home, Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, Way Foundation and McMillan Cancer Support.


    • Stage 2 Chartership in Sport and Exercise Psychology
    • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology
    • BSc Psychology
    • Mental Toughness Licensee (MTQ48)
    • i3 Leadership Profiling associate
    • Level 3 Personal Trainer
    • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
    • Certified Mindfactor Coach
    • NLP Practioner
    • Hypnotherapy Practioner

Feel free to give me a call or email me with any questions:

David Charlton Golf Psychologist

David Charlton, Performance and Psychology Coach

T: 07734 697769

E: info@sport-excellence.co.uk

Based near Newcastle Upon Tyne